GPH deckhand

The General Purpose Hand (GPH / Deckhand) qualification is short course and will teach you Survival, Firefighting, Safety, Seamanship, communication skills and First Aid. Once completed you will have a commercial qualification and are then able be part of the official 'crew' and gain employment as a deckhand or similar. There are no educational pre-requisites to begin this course. Once completed you will also be able to qualify for a Record of Service / task book and can start working towards higher qualifications.
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After you have completed your course you need to apply to NSW Maritime for an Endorsement to work as a GPH. See information on how to do this here.

Other requirements

Please note that there are other requirements from the State or Commonwealth Maritime Authority that you must satisfy in order for you to gain a GPH, Skipper, or Engineering qualification. These relate to seatime, age, medical, eyesight and hearing. Before commencing a maritime career it is a good idea to check that you will be able to meet these requirements. Check with the Maritime Authority in charge of certification in your State or with AMSA for Commonwealth qualifications. See NSW Maritime requirements
Colour blindness
You can check colour vision here and also here 

 Logbooks & Taskbooks

Whilst gaining seatime it is also necessary to log tasks that you complete. This will assist you in learning tasks and also go to form a portfolio of your learning when it comes time for you to complete your next qualification.