Master 500T- Deck Watchkeeper

The Master 500T is a Commonwealth qualification. In order to obtain this qualification it is necessary to have a large amount of offshore watchkeeping time on larger vessels and currently hold a Master Class four or Integrated Ratings Certificate (IR). To work towards this qualification make sure that you are getting the appropriate required sea time check the AMSA website. A Master 500 T will also enable the holder to sail as Mate on a vessel up to 3000 T.
The Deck Watchkeeper qualification allows the holder to sail as Deck Watchkeeper on unlimited vessel size and in unlimited areas.
The Master < 500GT / Deck Watchkeepr is an international qualification. Holders commonly work in the offshore Oil rig Industry, Merchant ocean going vessels, large charter vessels,  Large 'White Boat' yacht Industry, tugs, Sailing ships etc.
OTEN has AMSA approval to run the Master < 500GT / Deck Watchkeeper course and it will be delivered via a combination of distance education and face to face classes.
You can also view our detailed Course Guide for this course here
Enrolments are now open for the  deck Watchkeeper / Master < 500T course.

To enrol:

Go to our OTEN Course information website .
The official course information leaflet and enrolment form and Course Guide can be downloaded there.

Proposed course structure

The OTEN Master <500 T course is divided up into 3 parts. Part A, B and C. Students will need to complete assignments including practical tasks for each part then attend face to face classes in 'block' mode in Sydney. Students will choose when they attend each block. Parts A, B and C will all be 4 week blocks each. 
Proposed structure for 2012 is as follows:
1. Enrol anytime. Before enrolling it is a requirement that you speak to the Head Teacher over the phone to comfirm that this is the right course for you. This OTEN course is divided up into 3 parts. Part A, B and C.
2. Complete Distance assignments including tasks (OTEN TAGS Task book) as required.
3. Attend Blocks A, B and C at a time to suit. Face to face blocks will commence from March 2012. Note:
 · Must complete Assignments for Part A before attending Part A attendance block
 · Must complete Assignments for Part B before attending Part B attendance block
· Must complete Assignments for Part C before attending Part C attendance block
 *Note that ‘short’ courses; eg GMDSS, are not included and if required must be arranged by student at a separate time.

Proposed block attendance dates 2012

Dates below are inclusive.

Students must attend one block of each A, B and C.

Block A

05/03/12 – 31/03/12


Block B

04/06/12 – 30/06/12


Block C

03/09/12 – 28/09/12


 We anticipate that there will be a similar structure in 2013.

If you have any queries please email us at 
or telephone us on 02 9715 8502 or 02 9715 8475