Andrew McIntosh


Andrew McIntosh

"I used to work in the energy industry but I loved messing about on boats and wanted an occupation in line with this. OTEN enabled me to train for my Maritime tickets while working and getting in ‘sea time’ - giving me the flexibility to manage my study at my own pace. OTEN has enabled me to do what I love! "
- Andrew McIntosh


Harry Koutsos


Harry Koutsos 

"OTEN Maritime offers such a great combination of practical and theoretical study. The support provided by the OTEN Maritime staff was outstanding not only in answering your questions but also providing a high level of motivation to help you to complete your course. The practical trainers are exceptional and come from very different areas of specialization allowing students to be able to get the benefit of a broad number of industry experts. This is a great course for students wanting to enter the Maritime Industry or for keen boating enthusiasts who take Maritime knowledge and safety seriously.”
- Harry Koutsos
Ian Chalmers (right) and his vessel 'WindChalmer'

Ian Chalmers

"I enrolled in July 2009 for Cert II in Trans & Dist (Coastal Maritime Operations).  I set a goal to complete the course within six months.
I definitely fall into the mature-aged student category. This had some advantages – I have been around boats and engines for most of my life and therefore was very comfortable for some of the units.  Units which require heavy usage of memory and grey cells, were a different matter and we had to invent tricks to help learn facts, as well as get family to help test me. 
I really enjoyed the practical parts of the course and will find them very useful in my plans to do quite a bit of sailing.
I found some very useful tips on the facebook site.  This was printed out and adhered to as much as possible.
Start with units which you are interested in to get you going, then do the tough ones to get them out of the way.  Get a checklist from you teacher, tick off your progress. We typed up a checklist which was very useful and kept me on track."

- Cheers and wishes . . . . Ian Chalmers

Allan Drew

See what Allan (and others) have to say in the video to the left.
"I chose OTEN because of its excellent reputation with the the maritime Industry and regulatory bodies and because of the fantastic learning resources they provide. The online Learning Support (OLS) is accessible via the internet and is an important and easy to use tool in keeping track of where you are in your studies. The most important thing is to persevere...you'll be amazed at the opportunities that open up to you when you complete your course."
Tony Austin and (right) with his new Seawind 1000

Tony Austin

"Thanks  to you , Nicole, and the staff (and supporters) for a great course and a great time.

Since completing the OTEN course I have purchased my ‘dream’ boat (a Seawind 1000 which is in current NSW survey – see attached photo). We had just taken a young lady with a pretty severe handicap and her Mum on a cruise on the Lake. I have the boat moored near where I live on Lake Macquarie. I have also completed my RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exams and am in the process of getting my NSW Maritime Coxswains ticket.  I feel much more confident on the water knowing that I have received the OTEN training. My wife and I are now an active member of the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Cruising Division (CD) and have been pleasantly surprised at how many of the members have done the Coxswain course. "
- Tony Austin





Ron Innes-Will


Ron Innes-Will

"I found undertaking the OTEN Marine Engine Driving Grade II very rewarding.The course content mirrored real life requirements closely. Gained immensely from the practicals and all assignments undertaken. Comments and additional information from the staff assessors were extremely helpful. In all dealings with OTEN staff I found them to be very co-operative and will not hesitate to continue my studies through OTEN Maritime Studies.
With much thanks and a big thank you to Nicole and Maree Nash without both of your help I would not have achieved this result under difficult circumstances."
- Ron Innes-Will

Trevor Lindsell

“ I undertook the Coxswain’s Course in 2009.  Getting back into study was a daunting task after 20 years.  I was very impressed with the quality of the course structure, the comprehensive nature of the course materials and the amount of support available.
I would strongly recommend anyone undertaking the Coxswain’s Course or a similar course to utilise the Underway Classes and Practical Training Courses provided throughout the year for specific courses.  The ability to have face to face contact and practical demonstration was a great advantage in doing assignments and preparing for practical and written examinations.
OTEN Maritime was very supportive.  You are only a phone call away from administrative assistance or access to a teacher.  Your also have access to the Online Learning Support site at any time which is great.
The quality of the teaching staff is superior; all with extensive practical and teaching experience in their respective areas.  All teaching and administrative staff are very supportive and are more than happy to assist when they can.   I have done a lot of external study which can be an isolating experience.  That is not how I felt whilst undertaking this course.
I found the Course to be very rewarding and enjoyable.  I  intend doing the Master 5 course next year and I am looking forward to it. 
I would be happy to discuss my experience as an  OTEN Maritime student with any prospective student."
- Trevor Lindsell

Andrew Wallace

"This course has opened some major doors for me and has begun for me a very exciting career in the maritime industry.
Since completeing my Certificate 1 I've got a traineeship with Sydney Ferries which I heard about while completing my coursework. As a result I am now six months into a two year traineeship culminating in my MED 2 ticket. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will also begin my Master 5 ticket through OTEN."
- Andrew Wallace


Andries Dijkstra

"Just letting you know that the course was great and the help I received was top class! I will be using my Maritime knowledge during the summer months on the Callala Bay "Beach Daze" catamaran enjoying the pristine waters of Jervis Bay. Thanks once again to everyone for all the support! "
-Cheers Andries

Mariano Catalanotto

"I recently completed a Master 4 in Transport and Distribution,Maritime study.
The course was fantastic and the teachers and ancillary staff were amazing and always ready to help.The books were easy to follow and understand.
Nonetheless it was not a walk in the park. It required a lot of commitment,dedication and hard study.
I look forward to the next challenge,which is obtaining an MED1.
A particular thank you goes to Mario Murzello, Nicole Allen And Maree Nash. Love you guys.
- Mariano Catalanotto

Nicholas Kuster

"I found studying for the Coxswains at OTEN very convenient, and the teachers provided contemporary course materials and knew their subject matter well, obviously due to their relevant experience in the industry. The practical on-water sessions were particularly useful, interesting and again the skipper, crew and presenters knew their stuff and provided straight forward no nonsense teaching. At first I thought the hard-copy course materials were excessive, but as I progressed through the course it made sense. I found the web materials good, albeit a little convoluted to access different links.
Thanks for making studying as interesting and easy as possible!"