International Collision Regulations

The 'International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972' are also commomly known as the 'boating rules', the 'Coll regs' or 'Rules of the Road'.
Regardless of what we refer to them as it is very important to know the rules and to adhere to them when we are out on the water.
Within this section you will find the complete Collision Regulations. If studying for a Coxswains Certificate of Competency or a boating licence it will not be neccesary to memorise every word. To aid your study we have given additional outlined guidance notes on each page and 
 highlighted the appropriate sections that are essential to know.
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Additional study

You may also find it useful to study the NSW Maritime's Safe boating Handbook and use the  Vessel Navigation tool



    Section II Conduct of vessels in sight of one another


    Rule 19 Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility