Survival Equipment 

Depending on a vessel’s survey it will be required to carry a combination of survival equipment. This information can be found for state surveyed vessels in the USL code which is gradually being replaced by the National Standards for Commercial Vessels – NSCV. 
The USL Code and the NSCV can be viewed online at the website of the National Marine Safety Committee (NMSC) Marine Orders can be found at the AMSA website, 
  • lifejackets
  • liferafts
  • lifeboats 
  • lifebuoys
  • flares 
  • EPIRBs
  • flotation aids
  • Lifepods (Survival Capsules)
  • Marine Evacuation Systems
The effectiveness of such equipment totally depends on the expertise of the master and crew. As master, again, it is your responsibility to make sure that all equipment is kept in good order and that your crew have the necessary training and expertise to operate all the survival equipment.