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There are four types of inflatable liferaft available:
Non Regulated
AYF approved

Non regulated

This type is intended for private plesure craft not operating under any survey or other regultions, e.g small trailer sailers, 1/2 cabin runabouts, day boats etc where space and weight are important factors in finding suitable storage areas for a liferaft. The liferafts are relatively light-weight and are usually contained in soft packs (valises) rather than rigid fiberglass containers. Boats carrying these types would be operating close to shore in areas populated with other vessels. 


These liferafts must meet the contruction requirements of SOLAS 1960 regulation 15 but insulated floors and canopies are optional. The emergency equipment contained inside these types is specified by the Australian Yachting Federation and includes 2 parachute rockets, 4 red hand flares, 2 orange smoke signals, 0.5 litres of water per person, 0.5kg of food rations per person, a first aid kit, heliograph, sunburn cream, sea sickness tablets and more. The liferafts can be stored on the deck of a yacht or with some special provisions such as weight limits, can be kept below decks. 


The coastal liferaft is approved for use by commercial vessels for up to 200 miles offshore. The USL Code specifies design and construction requirements for Coastal liferafts. This type does not have, but can if requested by the purchaser, an insulated floor.


The SOLAS liferaft is approved for use by all vessels in any waters. They include insulated floors and double skinned canopies. SOLAS requires the interior of the canopy to be of a colour such that it does not induce nausea. These models can be conventional throw over or davit launched types. The emergency pack is the most comprehensive of all types. It contains 1.5 litres of water per person. The pack has more flares, upgraded first aid kit, an EPIRB on Australian registered ships, thermal protective aids and more. The liferaft canister is larger and usually cylindrical or drum shaped. 

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